Museum of Fine Arts in Oviedo

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The Museum of Fine Arts in Oviedo opened in 1980. Its huge collection of c.10,000 pieces is spread over four buildings next to the Cathedral, in the old town. Old buildings have been restored to house the collections and it … Continued

Provincial Museum in Lugo, Spain

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The Museums in Lugo are fascinating and they are certainly worth the ticket price so don’t hesitate if you are in the city! We visited the Provincial Museum in Lugo but there is also the House of Mosaics, and the … Continued

Museums and Art Galleries in Monforte de Lemos

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I was keen to visit two of the museums and art galleries in Monforte de Lemos and we found the Tourist Office in Monforte de Lemos very helpful with information. Armed with one of their maps, we set off to … Continued

The Romans in Leon

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Present-day Léon is a quite magical city – the Romans did a good thing when, around 29BC, the Legio VI Victrix created a military camp, the beginning of today’s city. On this day we set out to find Roman Leon … Continued

Two days in Nantes

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Nantes is a wonderful city in which to spend two days, or longer if you have longer. This is just a taste of many hours of walking. Do visit!

A walk through Beja in Portugal

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Visiting an area or town for the first time usually means seeing the ‘obvious’ sights first, returning if there is time and I particularly enjoyed something, then I move on to the ‘secondary’ sights, and after that I am free … Continued

The Abbey at Landevennec

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The Abbey at Landevennec was founded in the 5C by St Guénolé was a Benedictine House in the 8C, only to be attacked and sacked by the Vikings in 913. The Abbey was repressed in the 1793 during the French … Continued

The Old Church Museum in Tulbagh

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The Roodezand Church, the Old Church of Tulbagh, was built in 1743, one of the four early churches in the Cape Province, the others being in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, and Paarl (Drakenstein). The first minister was the Rev Arnoldus Mauritius Meiring. … Continued

Museums in the Castle, Vila Vicosa

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Inside the Castle in the Mediaeval Town of Vila Viçosa are two museums which are a must-visit, and at the same time you can wander around the Castle itself.


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It was hot, we had walked at La Motte, and the priority was a beer! Then we visited the Huguenot Memorial and Museum. The flight of Protestants from France was precipitated when the Edict of Nantes was revoked by Louis XIV in 1685, ending … Continued

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