Walk at Le Conquet

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Le Conquet, just up the coast from Pointe St Mathieu, and once a very prosperous town, is today a small fishing village on the Aber of Conq. It has a long history, often raided because of its position, and raised to the … Continued

Pointe St Mathieu, Brittany

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Pointe St Mathieu is a headland in north west Brittany, overlooking the Atlantic sea and the Rade de Brest. We hadn’t been to this part of Brittany before and the views were amazing!

The Church of St Peter & St Paul, Poullaouen, Brittany

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We had a lovely walk around Locmaria Berrien and now it was time for sightseeing in the nearby town which just happened to have a church! Poullaouen is apparently named after a 6C Irish saint, St Luan, but that came much later. The area … Continued

Walking at Locmaria Berrien

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This walk started at the car park of the old station of Locmaria Berrien. The station building, we subsequently found, followed a pattern for all the old, 19C stations in this part of Brittany. We walked up the hill, past a … Continued

The Parish Enclosure of Argol

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The Church of Argol, The Church of St Pierre and St Paul, started building in 1575, with additions and reconstructions over the next nearly three centuries. This was only a brief visit which whetted my appetite to return again, alone, with … Continued

Walking at Camaret-sur-Mer

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Wendy Mewes’ Walk no.20 from Walking and other Activities in Finistère guided us on a wonderful walk on the Crozon Peninsula. The book is invaluable – do not go to Brittany without this book and its partner. The route is around the headland, … Continued

The Kreisker Chapel, St Pol de Leon

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It had been a wonderful day wandering around Roscoff and then discovering the Jardin Botanique et Exotique. Now we needed a cup of coffee and so we stopped in St Pol de Leon. The Cathedral was closed for a wedding but we wandered down … Continued

Jardin Botanique et Exotique, Roscoff

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A wonderful extravagance of plants overlooks the sea on the edge of Roscoff – the Jardin Botanique et Exotique de Roscoff. The garden started in 1986 when the Department bought a rock, the Roc d’Hievec, and two enterprising gardeners set to work … Continued

Notre Dame de Croas Batz, Roscoff

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The Church of Notre Dame de Croas Batz was built between 1515-49 and is one of the Parish Enclosures of Brittany, with its encircling wall, ossuaries, sacristy, and of course the church itself. (But no Triumphal Arch here.)


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It was a Heritage Weekend in Roscoff and the streets were crowded! We parked the car outside the walls, walked down a narrow Mediaeval, walled passage, and found ourselves amongst the holiday-makers.

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