Museums and Art Galleries in Monforte de Lemos

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I was keen to visit two of the museums and art galleries in Monforte de Lemos and we found the Tourist Office in Monforte de Lemos very helpful with information. Armed with one of their maps, we set off to … Continued

Castelo Branco in eastern Portugal

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The weather forecast suggested a chilly day with showers and so we decided on a day in Castelo Branco. We had visited before, in 2013, and had enjoyed the gardens. Portugal is changing and from searches on the internet it … Continued

Durban City Hall

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Durban City Hall was commissioned in 1903 and designed by Stanley Hudson as a replica of the Belfast City Hall. This imposing building has an Auditorium, Public Library, Art Gallery, and Natural Science Museum. The City Hall is in Francis Farewell Square, named … Continued