Montalvao – fortified hilltop town on the Portuguese border

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Near the border with Spain the Alentejo is wide, open, and empty. Lush, green grass covers soft hills, and cork oaks and olive trees are everywhere. Surprisingly there are few sheep and cattle – farming here seems very ‘quiet’ and unobtrusive – … Continued

Walking from Montalvao, PR7-NIS

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Montalvão is a small, remote, hilltop village (and castle) close to the border with Spain. We were there to try out another of the walks, the PR7-NIS, in the new book published by the Portuguese Tourist Office. The walk is across the hills … Continued

A circular walk from Carreiras, PR7 PTG-CVD

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We parked in Carreiras and set off on our second walk with the new book. The walk follows the Mediaeval Road which connected Portalegre and Castelo de Vide in the valley below the Serra de São Paulo, and returns just under the crest of the … Continued

Walking from Chao da Velha, PR2 NIS

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This was our first walk using the new book of walks which we were given in the very helpful Tourist Office in Nisa. The book is not on the internet, and can’t be bought in a bookshop. Various town councils list … Continued

The backroads from Vila Vicosa to Flor da Rosa completed

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Early afternoon in Campo Maior felt like being in a remote and lonely part of Portugal, near the Spanish border, yet we were only two hours away from Lisbon Airport! It was raining again as we left Campo Maior but along the road to Arronches the … Continued

Castles in Portugal’s Alentejo – Juromenha

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Today’s photographs were taken with the Canon Powershot 200 SCX in one hand while the other hand gripped an umbrella. The camera was set on Live View and shots edited in Lightroom. It is an extraordinary little camera which even copes with shots … Continued

The Backroads from Vila Vicosa to Flor da Rosa – the start

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The clouds were low and it was dark and wet as we set off from Vila Viçosa for the Pousada at Flor da Rosa. We could have whizzed directly there up fast, new roads, 85 km in 1.5 hours, but then you see … Continued

Castles in Portugal’s Alentejo – Mourao

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Mourão was another of the border towns disputed by Spain and Portugal in the 13C until in 1297 King Dinis signed the Treaty of Alcañices with the Spanish King, Fernando IV, and Mourão became a Portuguese possession, although the fighting and disputes … Continued

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