St Pancras Station

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The Midland Railway needed an independent London terminus:’.. 1863: St Pancras train station was designed by William Barlow in 1863, with construction commencing in 1866. The famous Barlow train shed arch spans 240 feet and is over 100 feet high at … Continued

Bradshaw, Hand Book to London, Day 8 (no.49)

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‘Taking a northerly course, we pursue our way from Holborn up Gray’s Inn Lane, in which stands the Royal Free Hospital, founded in 1828..[to help] all destitute persons requiring medical relief..’. The hospital was founded by William Marsden, whose name cancer patients will … Continued

Early Spring in London – Daffodils, Kerria, Euphorbia

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I can hear Mr Bradshaw tutting – where is the description of King’s Cross? The Fleet River, Coldbath Prison? But the flowers were so beautiful! Yellow is the colour I most associate with early Spring.  

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