My mother died on 5 May 2012 and for many months I felt completely detached from everything around me. One day I felt ‘This won’t do’ and decided to reach out to my surroundings, London. I found ‘Bradshaw’s Illustrated Hand Book to London and its Environs, 1862‘ and set off in a ‘mind disposed to receive pleasure’, as recommended by Mr Bradshaw. I walked into St Paul’s Cathedral in the bitterly cold January of 2013, shoddy camera in hand, and was immediately hooked on exploration.

The blog grew to include travels, the camera morphed into two cameras and a photography course, and blogging includes gardening and baking! I think my mother would be pleased and I hope you will join me, wherever the path may lead me.


  1. I am looking forward to reading your blog – I love London and we have spent many happy months staying with family, especially over the Christmas seasons.

    Am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother; it is not easy to lose a beloved parent.


  2. Funny how life can turn around. My mother died when my 27 year old son was just 7 months old. Dad lived well into his 80s then died very suddenly last October. I was in the Algarve at the time and it hit me hard. I always watch Michael Portillo when he does his train travels following Bradshaw’s guide, and I came across a copy in the library the other day. And finally, I worked just off Fleet St. for a few years when I was young and penniless, and my chief joy in life was to wander London’s streets. Nice to meet you. 🙂 🙂


  3. Thank you for stopping by and joining my blog. I hope you enjoy reading all the recipes and travel stories as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. Welcome aboard.


  4. Hi there, thanks for the info on this great blog. For information the Drapers Almshouse in Walworth still exist on Brandon Street – much has disappered under bulldozers, round here but not those. Thnak you for the other informaiton. Enjoy your travels !


  5. Hi London Traveler, I came across your blog while doing a search on Apremont-Sur-Allier, I love your intro to the blog and how exploration helped you coming back from grief. I’m sure your mom is very pleased. Just pop in to say hi. I love your blog.


  6. Hi Candy, thanks for your comment on my blog and yes, we have similar projects. Found your blog via a re-tweet and it is a fascinating read, you have completed some good walks. The Regent’s Canal walk is one I intend to follow when I can find some time. I shall follow your posts with interest.


  7. Greatly appreciate your blogs on Bethulie. If you have time, make sure you visit the Royal Hotel, Africa’s only ‘book hotel.’ Besides holding 120 000 books and 80 000 vinyls it’s filled with memories of the last 150 years. Phone 071-683-7767.


    • I certainly will! We tried to visit this time, but couldn’t find the way into the hotel – yes, I know, stupid people! It was an interesting few hours and my husband in particular would like to return. It isn’t really on the tourist trail and that is, in many ways, a pity. To most people South Africa only means beaches and lions!


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