Bain’s Kloof Pass, Cape Province

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Andrew Geddes Bains is legendary in South Africa for his ingeniously engineered mountain passes and poorts. Bain’s Kloof Pass was his first mountain pass and connected Wellington with Ceres and Tulbagh. The 30km pass was built in four years, 1849-1853, … Continued

Gatwick to Cape Town

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Gatwick really has very little to recommend it while waiting for a flight. You can eat (and many people were) and shop (sort of) but the building is not attractive. The BA Lounge (temporary) provided a welcome refuge however and it … Continued

The Palaces in Florence

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Renaissance Florence was politically and economically extraordinarily powerful and the ruling élite built suitably grand homes for themselves in the centre of the City. The Strozzi Palace was built in the 15C for Filippo Strozzi the Elder, a political rival to … Continued

The Piazza della Signoria, Florence

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The Piazza della Signoria is dominated by the 14C Palazzo Vecchio, the Town Hall of Florence. The building became ‘The Old Palace’ when the Medicis moved into the Pitti Palace across the river. The Piazza is spectacular at night!

The Bargello Museum in Florence

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The building that is now The Bargello Museum dates back to the 13C, and in the 16C it was the headquarters of the police, the ‘bargello’, and was used as a prison. The museum was established in the 19C. And … Continued

The Pitti Palace in Florence

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The Pitti Palace dates from the mid-1400s and was the town residence of Luca Pitti, a Florentine banker. In the mid 1500s it was bought by the Medici family. We visited in order to see the paintings, particularly those by … Continued

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