Two days in Villafranca del Bierzo

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Villafranca del Bierzo, on the Camino de Santiago, is a wonderfully peaceful little town in the hills in the East of Léon in Northern Spain. If you only have two days in the town then do see these sights.

A visit to Mertola, Portugal

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Mertola is a small, walled town on a hillside next to the River Guadiana at the edge of the Algarve, and topped with a castle. This was the most northerly trading town on the river, used by the Phoenicians and … Continued

Serpa in the Alentejo, Portugal

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Serpa is another of those towns in the east of Portugal’s Alentejo which is relatively unknown to tourists – people travel to the Algarve, or Porto, or Lisbon, but the Alentejo remains hidden and undiscovered.  Restless Jo wrote a marvellous post on … Continued

Moura in the Alentejo, Portugal

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We were in Beja, which was new to us, staying in the wonderful Pousada Sao Francisco there, and set off to explore the surrounding areas as well. It was an easy and attractive drive to Moura, another of those sites … Continued

A walk through Beja in Portugal

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Visiting an area or town for the first time usually means seeing the ‘obvious’ sights first, returning if there is time and I particularly enjoyed something, then I move on to the ‘secondary’ sights, and after that I am free … Continued

Border Castles in Portugal

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I love the wideness and openness of the beautiful Alentejo countryside – rolling hills, olive and cork oak trees, and myriads of flowers in the springtime. In the east there are also numerous castles on top of the hills, protecting the border … Continued


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Before I take you to Beja in 2018 we are going to hop back to 2017 when we were based at Vila Viçosa and spent four wonderful days exploring the area. On this day rain was forecast so we planned … Continued

Walking at Ouguela on PR1 CMR

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I love exploring Portugal off the beaten track and I had often wondered what lay in the countryside beyond Campo Maior and close to the Spanish border. So, on a clear morning in May 2017 we set off from Vila Viçosa to … Continued

Sao Mamede Park, Alentejo, Portugal

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Last year we enjoyed a visit to Portalegre and afterwards drove back to the Pousada at Flor de Rosa via the scenic route – through the countryside behind Portalegre – the Sao Mamede Park. It was May and the yellow and … Continued

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