Travel in France – a walk around Chauzeix

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Day 9 of Travel in France was a cloudy day but warm. We parked in a lane in Chauzeix and set off along the GR46. The walk went through forests of pines, oaks and beeches to the Etang de Ganezandes, a quiet spot just … Continued

Travel in France – a walk round Chaumeil

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Day 8 of Travel in France dawned an overcast day with intermittent sunshine, but at least the temperature reached 20C by the middle of the day! We set off to walk around Chaumeil.

Travel in France, The Millevaches Plateau

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The day dawned grey, overcast, chilly, and with rain in the air. Coffee and croissant in bed and another Elliot Pattison book, Water Touching Stone, and then a late morning start with a visit to Meymac and a drive around the … Continued

Travel in France – Tulle

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Travel in France, Day 6, started in a leisurely way with coffee and bread in bed, and the end of The Skull Mantra by Eliot Pattison – riveting – and the first of several of his books for the holiday. It … Continued

Travel in France – a drive around Correze

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The morning walk had been quite modest, it was a beautiful day, and so we set off to explore the Plateau de Millevaches. I expected to see lots of cows – well, my French is pretty basic – but other translations suggest an empty area, … Continued

Travel in France – A short walk around Correze

I enjoy walking and there was a lot of walking planned for the next few weeks! Day 5 of ‘Travel in France’, Sunday, was an idyllic day, starting with good coffee and excellent croissant enjoyed in bed with a book until 11.00am. … Continued

Travel in France, Notre Dame d’Orcival

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Notre Dame d’Orcival is a Romanesque church in a tiny village, deep in a valley in the Auvergne. The church was built in the 12C You may be interested in Images of Notre Dame d’Orcival Edith Wharton: A Motor-Flight through France … Continued

Travel in France, Clermont-Ferrand to Correze

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On the road again! Day 4 in France was travelling from Clermont-Ferrand, through part of the Auvergne to see the church at Orcival, and then on to Corrèze. There was a last look at Clermont-Ferrand from the heights above the town, but … Continued

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