Museum of Fine Arts in Oviedo

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The Museum of Fine Arts in Oviedo opened in 1980. Its huge collection of c.10,000 pieces is spread over four buildings next to the Cathedral, in the old town. Old buildings have been restored to house the collections and it … Continued

Two days in Nantes

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Nantes is a wonderful city in which to spend two days, or longer if you have longer. This is just a taste of many hours of walking. Do visit!

Chagall Exhibition in Landerneau

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The Fondation LeClerq stages a major exhibition in Landerneau each year. Last year there was a fabulous exhibition of Giacometti drawings, sculptures, and statues, and this year I was bowled over by the exhibition of Chagall  paintings, drawings, and illustrations. By chance I had taken his … Continued

The Owl House in Nieu Bethesda

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Nieu Bethesda is hidden in the Great Karoo and perhaps best known for The Owl House so I planned a circular drive from Graaff Reinet. Google Maps said 119 kms and 2.25 hours but did not mention the potholed dirt road and almost complete lack of signposts!

The Art Museum, Graaff Reinet

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The Hester Rupert Art Museum (1821) is a beautiful building on the main road in Graaff Reinet, with some wonderful works of art. Do not miss this museum if you are in the town. Dr Anton Rupert (1916-2006), an extraordinary man, was born in … Continued

The Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein

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‘…Oliewenhuis – a Neo-Dutch style mansion – was designed by William Mollison, Head Architect of the Department of Public Works and his assistant, John Stockwing Cleland in 1935. Completed in 1941, this mansion, located on Grant’s Hill, served as the … Continued

National Gallery, Carlo Crivelli

The National Gallery offers presentations on Monday lunchtimes, in the Gallery, in front of a painting. Today I ‘went with the flow’, didn’t think about whether I would enjoy the picture or not, and just turned up. Oh dear, I … Continued

National Gallery

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square has free lunchtime lectures, 13.00, on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Yesterday I settled down in the Sainsbury Wing Theatre with around 200 other people and it was marvellous! I learned about ‘Murillo’s depiction of life in … Continued