The Roman Walls of Lugo

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The Roman walls of Lugo date from the 4C and have seventy one towers and ten gates, and are c.2kms in circumference. Lugo is the only city in the world where the Roman walls are complete. We had been travelling … Continued

Roman Gold Mine in Northern Spain

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Las Médulas is a spectacular landscape about half an hour south of Villafranca del Bierzo. The somewhat bizarre countryside is the result of the Romans mining for gold, and it is now a World Heritage Site. The local population had … Continued

The Romans in Leon

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Present-day Léon is a quite magical city – the Romans did a good thing when, around 29BC, the Legio VI Victrix created a military camp, the beginning of today’s city. On this day we set out to find Roman Leon … Continued

Pisoes Roman site near Beja, Alentejo, Portugal

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The remains of a substantial Roman countryside villa were found by accident at Pisðes, a few miles west of Beja, in 1967. The villa apparently included over 40 rooms and was occupied between 1C-4C.

Sao Mamede Park, Alentejo, Portugal

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Last year we enjoyed a visit to Portalegre and afterwards drove back to the Pousada at Flor de Rosa via the scenic route – through the countryside behind Portalegre – the Sao Mamede Park. It was May and the yellow and … Continued

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