The Daoulas Peninsula – Pilgrim paths & Chapels

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It was Sunday and market day at Daoulas – an event not to be missed if you are in this area! I remembered the belly pork from previous years (unromantically called ‘lard’!) and of course we couldn’t go away without … Continued

La Feuillee & the Knights Templar in the Monts d’Arrees

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We had had a long and wonderful day in Quimper and needed to follow this the next day with an easy walk so turned to Wendy Mewes for advice. We chose walk no.2 from her Walks in Finistere’. If you are planning … Continued

The Cathedral and Regional Museum in Quimper

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We had walked through the covered market and spent a few hours in the Fine Arts Museum in Quimper and after coffee it was time to visit the Cathedral of St Corentin which dominates the centre of the old town of … Continued

Walk at Treflevenez

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The name of the village, Tréflevénez, is derived from ‘tref’ meaning ‘place’ and ‘levenez’ meaning ‘joy’ and it is suggested that the origin of the village dates back to the Crusades.

Inside the Church of Notre-Dame at St Thegonnec

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The town of St Thégonnec in Finistère is dominated by the parish enclosure of Notre Dame, one of the most-visited of the parish enclosures in Brittany. The exterior is imposing and substantial, with all the components of a parish enclosure, … Continued

The Parish Enclosure of St Thegonnec in Brittany

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The Church of Notre-Dame in St Thégonnec, 14C-18C, is one of the ‘great’ parish enclosures, a huge and impressive complex which is perhaps not to everyone’s taste because of its size and opulence. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary components … Continued

A circular walk at Le Cadou in the Armorique National Park

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Le Cadou is a small hamlet about 15 minutes outside Sizun and on an old Roman road from Brasparts to Sizun and beyond. We parked outside the church and enjoyed a circular walk from the village (the first part of which is … Continued

The Henry Moore Exhibition in Landerneau

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We had done a lot of walking during the past ten days and wanted a rest day so we went to Landerneau to see the Henry Moore Exhibition at the Hélène and Éduard Leclerq Foundation. The Foundation stages a major art … Continued

The Hidden Valley of LocEguiner

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We were now based in Sizun and looking forward to easy walks, sightseeing, and visiting the parish enclosures which are a particular feature of Finistère. There was also work ot be done but it felt enjoyable without any further responsibilities or … Continued

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