The Church of Saint Yves in La Roche-Maurice

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The Church of Saint Yves was built in the 16C on the site of a 14C Chapel built by the Rohan family, the rulers in the area. From the ruined castle you can look down on the church enclosure in … Continued

Inside the Church of St Salomon at La Martyre

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The door opens to a rich collection of wall paintings, carvings, vaulted ceiling, 16C stained glass windows, statues, and a Glory Beam – this is a place for lingering, preferably alone.

La Martyre, Brittany

The Church of St Salomon in La Martyre, like many of the parish enclosures, is built on the site of an earlier complex. And like many of the churches it had to be rebuilt after storm damage. It was in the … Continued

Inside Notre Dame, Lampaul-Guimiliau in Brittany

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As people push open the door of the church and step inside there is usually a murmur, or an ‘Aah’. After the dark exterior even the dim light inside cannot hide the extravagant colours, exuberant altar pieces, and extraordinary ceilings.

The Church of St Mélar in mono

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It is quite difficult to take ‘interesting’ but true photographs of a church. Colour? Black and white? Odd angles? Details or the broader picture? And how can I convey the sense of age, beauty, and the mix of originality and … Continued

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