Gargoyles & Grotesques in Sizun

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Gargoyles and grotesques abound on the outside of The Church of St Suliau in Sizun! This is perhaps my favourite of the Enclos Paroissial. It is situated at a crossroads in the middle of the village. The tall, thin spire can be seen … Continued

The Church of La Martyre

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The Church of St Salomon in La Martyre is a remarkable Enclos Paroissial, situated in a small village near Landerneau. I spent time here in a previous year but each time I visit I see something different, or perhaps just differently.

The Enclos Paroissiaux of Argol & Rosnoen

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The Enclos Paroissial of Argol is in the middle of the Crozon Peninsula. The Church of St Peter and St Paul was built in the 16C and added to and rebuilt in successive centuries. The enclosure is walled, accessed through … Continued

The Abbey at Landevennec

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The Abbey at Landevennec was founded in the 5C by St Guénolé was a Benedictine House in the 8C, only to be attacked and sacked by the Vikings in 913. The Abbey was repressed in the 1793 during the French … Continued

The Church of St Nicaise

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It was a wet and gloomy day on the Crozon Peninsula when we stopped to visit the Church of Saint-Nicaise in St Nic, built in the 16C-17C. Saint Nicaise  or Nicasius was a Bishop of Rheims who was killed by … Continued

Rainy day on the Crozon Peninsula

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Cold and rainy and misty but were ‘on holiday’ and so set off to explore on the Crozon Peninsula. The beaches at Trez Bellec and Porslous were atmospheric – wonderful. Overlooking this lonely spot was the Hotel du Roi d’Ys, which was … Continued

A walk in Morlaix

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Morlaix was originally established by the Romans at a ford on the rivers Queffleut and Jarlot which empty into the Bay of Morlaix. The mouth of the river, in the bay, is studded with small islands and on one is … Continued

A coffee stop in Plouezoc’h

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We had visited the Cairn at Barnenez and it was time for a coffee stop in Plouezoc’h, a small and very smart town we had driven through on the Peninsula. But first a look at the the Church of St … Continued

The Cairn at Barnenez

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The Cairn at Barnenez lies at on the tip of the Peninsula of Kernéléhen, jutting out into the Bay of Morlaix at the head of the Morlaix River. Curiously, the cairn was only ‘discovered’ in the 1950s as a result of … Continued

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