Creake Abbey in Norfolk

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Creake Abbey in Norfolk is a secret and slightly mystical site. There are shops and a cafe just round the corner but it didn’t feel appropriate to mix the 20C with the atmosphere of the site. The Abbey is close … Continued

Wymondham Abbey in Norfolk

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We were finally on our way for a week’s break, and decided to have a coffee break in Wymondham after visiting Wymondham Abbey in Norfolk. What an extraordinary site! I am used to seeing buildings like this on the Continent, … Continued

The Abbey at Landevennec

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The Abbey at Landevennec was founded in the 5C by St Guénolé was a Benedictine House in the 8C, only to be attacked and sacked by the Vikings in 913. The Abbey was repressed in the 1793 during the French … Continued

The Abbey of Le Releq

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The Abbey of Le Relecq was founded by Cistercian monks c.1132 in a small valley below the Monts d’Arrée. It was built on the foundations of the Abbey of Gerber, founded by St Pol in the 6C, and where the first Abbot was … Continued

The Abbey of Saint Melaine, Rennes

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The Abbey of St Melaine’s tower appeared through the trees of The Thabor Gardens at the end of our walk and proved to be another ‘must-visit’ in this amazing town of Rennes. 

A Walk from Le Relecq

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The day dawned grey and damp but I didn’t mind – I wanted to walk! So, guided by Wendy Mewes‘ excellent book and map in hand we set from Le Relecq on Walk no.5 of c.11 kms, and here.

Daoulas Abbey

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Legend says that there was a church on the site of the Abbey of Daoulas in the 6C, but the first records show it was founded in 1167 by the Canons Regular of the Order of St Augustine under the Viscount of … Continued

Sizun to Daoulas – France Day 3

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Today dawned unsettled, proceeded to pouring rain and low visibility, allowed a dry spell in the late afternoon, and then carried on raining in the evening! But on holiday you have to explore and so we set off for Daoulas. 

Travel in France – Tulle

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Travel in France, Day 6, started in a leisurely way with coffee and bread in bed, and the end of The Skull Mantra by Eliot Pattison – riveting – and the first of several of his books for the holiday. It … Continued

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