Charterhouse Square and The Black Death

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The Guardian this morning carried news of twelve skeletons found beneath Charterhouse Square, thought to be victims of The Black Death. The skeletons were unearthed during the excavations for the CrossRail Project in London. Archaeologists believe the site may be a mass … Continued

London’s City Walls

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The Museum of London has a very good and interesting series of leaflets which describe the walls of the City in a walk taking anything between 2-4 hours, depending on how fast you walk, how long you linger and inwardly digest the … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, PART II, The East, District II, Aldgate, Mile End and Jewish Cemetry (no.11)

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We begin at the site of the Aldgate which was the eastern-most gate in the City walls, and stood at the junction of Dukes Place, Aldgate High Street, Minories, and Aldgate Street. (Good post in Spitalfields Life.) The gate was rebuilt several times but … Continued

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