Serpa in the Alentejo, Portugal

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Serpa is another of those towns in the east of Portugal’s Alentejo which is relatively unknown to tourists – people travel to the Algarve, or Porto, or Lisbon, but the Alentejo remains hidden and undiscovered.  Restless Jo wrote a marvellous post on … Continued

Moura in the Alentejo, Portugal

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We were in Beja, which was new to us, staying in the wonderful Pousada Sao Francisco there, and set off to explore the surrounding areas as well. It was an easy and attractive drive to Moura, another of those sites … Continued

Walking at Azinhal, PR6 in Guadiana Natural Park

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The PR6 in the Guadiana Natural Park begins at Azinhal, a small village on the IC27 about thirty minutes south of Beja. (A map of the walk can be downloaded here.) We chose this walk, which is along tracks, chosen … Continued

A walk through Beja in Portugal

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Visiting an area or town for the first time usually means seeing the ‘obvious’ sights first, returning if there is time and I particularly enjoyed something, then I move on to the ‘secondary’ sights, and after that I am free … Continued

Border Castles in Portugal

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I love the wideness and openness of the beautiful Alentejo countryside – rolling hills, olive and cork oak trees, and myriads of flowers in the springtime. In the east there are also numerous castles on top of the hills, protecting the border … Continued

Walking at Ouguela on PR1 CMR

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I love exploring Portugal off the beaten track and I had often wondered what lay in the countryside beyond Campo Maior and close to the Spanish border. So, on a clear morning in May 2017 we set off from Vila Viçosa to … Continued

Walking over Roman Bridges on PR1 MFT at Monforte

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We parked the car near the Roman Bridge just outside Monforte and set off on walk PR1MFT, c.4.5kms, which took 1.5 hours and included two diversions and photo stops. We did this walk in 2017 but it never made it to … Continued

Megaliths & Romans around Flor de Rosa

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There are many megalithic sites around Flor de Rosa and if you are staying in the Pousada and enjoy exploring do search them out, and there are many more than I have so far found! Photographs here were taken over … Continued

The NIS PR3 walk at Velada

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This walk, NIS PR3, starts at the hydroelectric station at Velada on the River Nisa and you either download information or pick up a brochure or book of walks at the tourist office in Nisa. This was a lovely walk from 2017 … Continued

The PR7 PTG-CVD walk at Carreiras, eastern Portugal

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We have walked the PR7 PTG-CVD at Carreiras three times now and enjoyed each occasion. Every time it has been slightly different: the first year the arum lilies were gorgeous, but the weather was threatening; last year it was beautiful, … Continued

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