A brief visit to Dinan

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The stopover in Dinan was not a good experience: finding parking was a nightmare; the hotel was dingy and the room up several flights of stairs; dinner was ok’ish; and the next morning the car battery was flat because I … Continued

Josselin in Brittany

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I could easily have lingered in Vannes but we needed to move on – to Dinan via Josselin. The first castle in Josselin was built in the 11C but  the building was rebuilt several times thereafter.  Since the 15C the castle has … Continued


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We only had a morning in Vannes but I loved it! Vannes has a very long history as it was apparently settled by Celtic people, the Veneti, who used the sheltered river port to trade. The Romans conquered in c.56BC and established the town … Continued

The Gulf of Morbihan

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At the end of a long day, after looking at thousands of stones around Carnac, it was a relief to find the sea at Locmariaquer and Vannes.

The Alignments of Little Menec, Carnac

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I was tiring of stones but decided we had to to see the Alignments of Little Menec because I had read it was ‘magical’, and that was indeed the case. Do not miss this site if you are in the … Continued

The Alignments of Kerlascan, Carnac

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After Menec and Kermario the next alignment is at Kerlascan: 555 stones, 13 rows, 2,600 feet long. It was difficult to photograph and I think only an aerial photograph would show the alignments. We also walked to the nearby Quadrilateral and saw the Giant of … Continued

Kermario, Carnac

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From Le Menec we moved to the next of the major alignments at Carnac, that of Kermario where there are 1,029 stones in 10 rows, and c.4,300 feet long.

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