A walk around Landerneau

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Landerneau is an important town on either side of the Élorn River which divides the provinces of Cornouaille and Léon in Brittany. It was a significant port, even in Roman times, and in the 16C and 17C it was used to export linen and … Continued

Picasso Exhibition in Landerneau

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Every year the Fonds Hélène et Éduard Leclerc in Landerneau stages at least one major art exhibition of international stature. This year the Picasso Exhibition in Landerneau was mind-blowing – better than anything I have seen in London apart from two … Continued

Walk above the Reservoir of St Michel

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It was a somewhat gloomy day in which showers were forecast so we packed umbrellas (!), parked at the Ferme des Artisans alongside the reservoir, and set off. It was to be a good walk but very wet along the reservoir.

Walk at St-Rivoal

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This was the annual weekend of frenetic physical activity in the Monts d’Arrées – and we had forgotten about it when we planned a walk from St-Rivoal, desperate to be out on the hills again. Driving to St-Rivoal we noticed … Continued

Valley of the Saints

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After a wonderful week in St Gilles de Vieux Marché it was time to move on to Sizun, only 118 kms away.  We stopped in Carhaix but were too unprepared to really understand this important town and instead went on to The … Continued

Chapels on the Pilgrim Route near Le Quillio

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The Pilgrim Route from the Abbey of Beauport to Santiago de Compostelo is c.1488 kms by road – what on earth would it have been by foot? And how long did it take? Along the way there were Calvaries and … Continued

The Church of Notre Dame de Delivrance at Le Quillio

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The Church of Notre Dame de Délivrance at Le Quillio is an enclos paroissial – a walled church with ossuary (no longer obvious), and calvary, and it was built from the wealth of the flax and linen trade. It was also … Continued

A circular walk around Le Quillio

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Le Quillio has been a settlement since the 13C and today appears to be a neat and quiet little town. We parked near the 15C-18C Church and set off (armed with umbrellas) on a circular walk up into the hills … Continued

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