Burgo de Osma

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A day trip from Soria took us to Burgo de Osma, past Berlanga de Duero and Almazan and back to Soria. It was an interesting and very enjoyable day.


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Last year we visited the Museum of Numancia in Soria and so this year it was time to visit the actual site of Numancia. It was a cold, wet day but wearing several layers of clothes and armed with umbrellas … Continued

San Pedro de Arlanza

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In its time The Monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza was one of the most important monasteries in Castile. The oldest remains date from the 11th century, but there was already a hermitage on this site in the 11th century. … Continued

Alameda de Cervantes in Soria

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The week in Madrid was wonderful! Now we settled into a marvellous AirBnB in Soria, but Covid had hit me hard. I didn’t record the journey from Madrid to Soria and it was only five days later that I felt … Continued

Plazas in Madrid

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There are plazas all over Madrid, squares between the densely packed buildings. They range from small to large, and quiet to throbbingly busy and they are all fascinating. Here I am just going to share two of those which we … Continued

Avenues and Woods at La Granja

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Beyond the formal gardens with parterres there are avenues and woods. Inside the avenues and higher up the hillside the trees seem freer. I loved these areas which were less controlled and where I could just enjoy the trees in … Continued

Travelling from Zamora to La Granja

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Travelling from Zamora to La Granja was a fabulous day, packed with wonderful sights! We stopped in Toro, visited two amazing castles and saw some of the scenery in the mid-west of Spain. We had a last look at the … Continued

Romanesque Churches inside Zamora

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There are over twenty Romanesque churches inside Zamora, which is to say inside the walled, historic town. If you want to explore all of them it is a daunting prospect! We visited quite a few. The city is small and … Continued

A Walk along the Duero

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A walk along the Duero in Zamora, even a short walk, is a real pleasure! First thing in the morning I opened the curtains and looked out on the river which invited us to go for a walk.

A Week in Burgos

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We arrived for a week in Burgos in a bit of state, so to speak. Like many people we had found the Covid years very difficult; uncertainty, fear, and restrictions on socialising all created tensions and anxieties. Then the medical … Continued

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