Sights in Soria

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During the week in Soria I managed short walks of perhaps forty minutes and during the time managed to see some of the sights in Soria, although not with any great degree of understanding. I will put it right next … Continued

Soria and Machado

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We had spent a wonderful week in Madrid, but now, while I dealt with Covid by lying in bed, Jeremy took charge of the camera and investigated Soria and Machado. So some of these are sights in Soria through someone … Continued

Festival of San Saturio

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We arrived in Soria at festival time! San Saturio is the Patron Saint of Soria and Soria celebrates the Festival of San Saturio every year on 2 October. This year there was also a music festival in Soria and the … Continued

Alameda de Cervantes in Soria

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The week in Madrid was wonderful! Now we settled into a marvellous AirBnB in Soria, but Covid had hit me hard. I didn’t record the journey from Madrid to Soria and it was only five days later that I felt … Continued

A week in Madrid

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We spent a fascinating week in Madrid. We didn’t want to see every significant sight in Madrid – no-one can in only one week – we mostly wanted to soak up the atmosphere.

The Retiro in Madrid

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The Retiro in Madrid is one of the largest parks in the city. It was close to where we were staying and we decided to spend a day there, exploring. It is much larger than The Botanic Gardens, and more … Continued

The Prado in Madrid

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The Prado in Madrid is one of the world’s most famous art museums and a must-visit on any trip to Madrid. It was only fifteen minutes’ walk from our AirBnB and close to the Reina Sofia. On the way we … Continued

Plazas in Madrid

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There are plazas all over Madrid, squares between the densely packed buildings. They range from small to large, and quiet to throbbingly busy and they are all fascinating. Here I am just going to share two of those which we … Continued

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