The Fountains at La Granja

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There twenty six large fountains at La Granja, each of which is based on different mythological characters. Sadly they only play on selective days during the year and were not on when we visited. Nevertheless they are impressive and formality … Continued

Avenues and Woods at La Granja

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Beyond the formal gardens with parterres there are avenues and woods. Inside the avenues and higher up the hillside the trees seem freer. I loved these areas which were less controlled and where I could just enjoy the trees in … Continued

The Formal Gardens of La Granja

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The formal gardens of La Granja are on three sides of the palace. The gardens cover over 1,500 acres and I loved what I saw but didn’t manage to see everything. Let’s start!

The Palace of La Granja

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We booked into the Paradore of La Granja de San Ildefonso for three days as a relaxing break from sightseeing. The ‘town’ is actually the Royal Palace of La Granja with its grounds. The town around the palace includes the … Continued

Travelling from Zamora to La Granja

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Travelling from Zamora to La Granja was a fabulous day, packed with wonderful sights! We stopped in Toro, visited two amazing castles and saw some of the scenery in the mid-west of Spain. We had a last look at the … Continued

Toro on the Duero

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We spent a wonderful week in Zamora and it was time to move on to our next stay which was to be a few days in the Paradore in La Granja. The aim was to rest for a few days … Continued

A week in Zamora

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It is easy to spend a week in Zamora which is a very old walled town on a promontory overlooking the River Duero. The border with Portugal is about an hour away. The town is filled with pleasures of all … Continued

The Walls of Zamora

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The walls of Zamora protect a very old fortified city which is situated on a promontory above the River Duero. Many of the walls are still in place, particularly on the north side of the old town and we set … Continued

Romanesque Churches inside Zamora

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There are over twenty Romanesque churches inside Zamora, which is to say inside the walled, historic town. If you want to explore all of them it is a daunting prospect! We visited quite a few. The city is small and … Continued

Museum of Zamora

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The Museum of Zamora is in the Plaza of Santa Lucia and it is well worth visiting. We looked down into the museum complex, with its resident stork, from our room in the paradore

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