Inside Burgos Cathedral

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When you step inside Burgos Cathedral it is dark, but glowing, and as your eyes become accustomed to the low light I defy you not to gasp. The cathedral is covered in decoration, sumptuous, and extravagant.

Chapels in Burgos Cathedral

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There are many beautiful chapels in Burgos Cathedral, all around the central nave but I am going to describe just a few. Chapel of San Jose This chapel, also known as the Chapel of the Presentation, was added to the … Continued

Burgos Cathedral

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Burgos Cathedral is absolutely spectacular and it was just across the narrow road from the AirBnB where we spent a wonderful week. It was good to just sit and look at the building and enjoy its splendour.

The Church of Saint-Thégonnec in Brittany

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The Church of Saint-Thégonnec in Brittany is one of the most famous of the parish closes, or enclos parroissiaux. It is built on the site of an earlier church, like many of these closes, and enlarged and developed as the … Continued

Ribadavia on the Mino River

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We were staying in Tui and this was our second-last day in Spain. It was also a misty start to the day as we headed for Ribadavia on the Mino River. This old town has its roots in Celtic and Roman … Continued

The Cathedral of Santa Maria in Tui

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The Cathedral of Santa Maria in Tui was built on a site where there has been a building used for Christian worship for many centuries. It is at the top of the hilltop town of Tui, overlooking the Mino river.

Monastery of San Martin Pinario

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I had of course heard of the Cathedral in Santiago, but didn’t know about this astonishing building. The original Benedictine Monastery of San Martín Pinario dates from 6C and is named for the pines (pignario) in which the buildings stood. Today’s buildings mainly date from … Continued

Fonseca Palace in Santiago de Compostela

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It was pouring with rain as we opened the curtains on our second day in the Santiago de Compostela. It wasn’t gentle English rain, but bucketloads of water running in rivers down the streets. Even a dash across the square … Continued

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostelo

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The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostelo is the reputed burial place of St James the Great in the west of Galicia, in Northern Spain. It has been a pilgrim destination since its creation and it is still the final destination for … Continued

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