Ribadeo on the River Eo

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Ribadeo lies on the River Eo, the border between Galicia and Asturias, and just yards away from the sea. People have been here probably for thousands of years, living from both the land and the water, and trading from the … Continued

A walk around Astorga

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We stopped for a few hours only, just enough time for a coffee and a walk around Astorga, on the road from Léon to Villafranca de Bierzo. Astorga, the old Asturica Augustea, was established as a Roman city and two … Continued

The Walls of Leon

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Léon was founded by the Roman legion Legio VI Victrix in 1C but the walls around the ‘historic centre’ of Léon date from both Roman and Mediaeval times. It was fun to walk around the city, looking for the walls of … Continued

A walk through Beja in Portugal

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Visiting an area or town for the first time usually means seeing the ‘obvious’ sights first, returning if there is time and I particularly enjoyed something, then I move on to the ‘secondary’ sights, and after that I am free … Continued

The backroads from Vila Vicosa to Flor da Rosa completed

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Early afternoon in Campo Maior felt like being in a remote and lonely part of Portugal, near the Spanish border, yet we were only two hours away from Lisbon Airport! It was raining again as we left Campo Maior but along the road to Arronches the … Continued

Museums in the Castle, Vila Vicosa

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Inside the Castle in the Mediaeval Town of Vila Viçosa are two museums which are a must-visit, and at the same time you can wander around the Castle itself.

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