Prehistoric remains

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I was keen to revisit some of the prehistoric remains which we had previously found in this area, but our map failed us and so I only have one to show you, and a post from a previous visit. This … Continued

Forests & Megaliths at Camors

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Camors is northwest of Landevant, not far from our gîte and surrounded by forests. This seemed like a good area for a shortish walk on our last day in the area because I still faced the cleaning and packing! We … Continued

The Path of the Megaliths, Erdeven

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The Path of the Megaliths is a very interesting route and walk no.1 in the ‘Randonnées dans Pays d’Auray’ published by the Auray/Quiberon Tourist Board. We parked at the Alignements de Kerzerho and followed a circuit of c.11 kms on … Continued

Megaliths & Romans around Flor de Rosa

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There are many megalithic sites around Flor de Rosa and if you are staying in the Pousada and enjoy exploring do search them out, and there are many more than I have so far found! Photographs here were taken over … Continued

Walking at Camaret-sur-Mer

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Wendy Mewes’ Walk no.20 from Walking and other Activities in Finistère guided us on a wonderful walk on the Crozon Peninsula. The book is invaluable – do not go to Brittany without this book and its partner. The route is around the headland, … Continued

Walking at Pors Poulhan, Brittany

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Walk no.21 in Wendy Mewes’ Walks in Finistère is varied and interesting – she is a veritable ‘curator of walks’, creating routes with variety and interest.

Walking at Plobannalec

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We had installed ourselves in an excellent gîte in Pouldiguy, near Gouesn’nach and were ready to start exploring this area of Finistère. The excellent Wendy Mewes was ready to guide us on our first, modest walk in her latest book, Walks in Finistère. We … Continued

The Alignments of Kerlascan, Carnac

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After Menec and Kermario the next alignment is at Kerlascan: 555 stones, 13 rows, 2,600 feet long. It was difficult to photograph and I think only an aerial photograph would show the alignments. We also walked to the nearby Quadrilateral and saw the Giant of … Continued

Kermario, Carnac

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From Le Menec we moved to the next of the major alignments at Carnac, that of Kermario where there are 1,029 stones in 10 rows, and c.4,300 feet long.

Alignments of Menec at Carnac

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Our two weeks in Sizun were over – I could easily have stayed for longer – and we set off, in the mist, down the motorway for Carnac where we arrived in brilliant sunshine. The Tourist Office was very helpful and we settled … Continued