Walking at Pors Poulhan, Brittany

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Walk no.21 in Wendy Mewes’ Walks in Finistère is varied and interesting – she is a veritable ‘curator of walks’, creating routes with variety and interest.

We parked in the car park opposite the small fishing harbour at Pors Poulhan and set off through woodlands and farmlands, and past some beautifully restored buildings.

Pors Poulhan harbourWendy Mewes Walk no.21 at Pors Poulhan

Wendy Mewes,walk no.21, Pors Poulhan

Wendy Mewes, walk no.21, Pors Poulhan

Along the way you can see the restored Mill of Tréouzien, springs, washing places, and the small Chapel of St They. St They was a monk known as St Day in Cornwall who lived in the 6C and was a disciple of St Guénolé, the founder of the Abbey of Landevennec, but further information about him is scarce.

Wendy Mewes, no.21, Mill of Treouzien
Mill of Treouzien
Washing place
Washing place
Spring at the Chapel of St They
Spring at the Chapel of St They
The Chapel of St They
The Chapel of St They

And then there is the sea, which pops into view as you crest a hill.

Wendy Mewes, Walk no.21, Pors PoulhanPors Poulhan, Brittany Pors Poulhan, Brittany

Everywhere there are interesting flowers and plants.

Iris Foetidissima

But Wendy Mewes doesn’t do mindless exercice – as you walk along the coast you learn about the activities which took place here from c.3,500BC to 19C. Seaweed was, and is, a big industry on the West Coast of Brittany. These are old ovens in which the dried seaweed was burned to produce bicarbonate of soda for glass, paper, and soap manufacture.

Menez Dregan is an extraordinary archaeological site on the coast, just west of Pors Poulhan. Signs of animal life have been found dating back 450,000 years to a time when there were plains below the cliffs. This extraordinary necropolis ‘only’ dates back to c.4,500 BC!

Menez Dregan necropolis

Menez Dregan necropolis

Menez Dregan necropolis

Menez Korriged is an allée couverte, a burial tomb in the complex, and has been dated to before 3,000 BC.

Menez Korriged, Pors Poulhan

And finally, welcome refreshment after a hot day’s walk!Walking at Pors Poulhan, Brittany

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