Crato in the Alentejo

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I think that for many tourists to Portugal Crato in the Alentejo will not be on their list of ‘places to visit’, but that would be a pity. This little town, once a walled fortress, has an extraordinary history. The … Continued

Megaliths & Romans around Flor de Rosa

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There are many megalithic sites around Flor de Rosa and if you are staying in the Pousada and enjoy exploring do search them out, and there are many more than I have so far found! Photographs here were taken over … Continued

The Pousada of Flor de Rosa, Portugal

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The Pousada at Flor de Rosa is off the beaten track and often used by tourists travelling through Portugal for a one-night stop, but the joy is to linger in this extraordinary site in a tiny village in the Alentejo. I … Continued

Pousada Flor da Rosa

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We enjoyed wonderful walks in the Alentejo with the help of our new book from the Tourist Office – Chão da Velha, Carreiras, Montalvão, and Galegos – and our base during these days was the Pousada Flor da Rosa.

Travel in Portugal, Day 4, Crato

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The day was unsettled, with dramatic skies over Crato, an extraordinary small town in the Alentejo. The first stop was to see a colony of storks in an abandoned building on the edge of the town. In the 13C vast areas of the … Continued

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