La Feuillee & the Knights Templar in the Monts d’Arrees

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We had had a long and wonderful day in Quimper and needed to follow this the next day with an easy walk so turned to Wendy Mewes for advice. We chose walk no.2 from her Walks in Finistere’. If you are planning … Continued

The Circuit of Mougau

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Wendy Mewes describes this walk in Walks in Finistère and although we did a variant I can thoroughly recommend undertaking the full walk no.4. It was our last walk in Brittany until the next visit in the autumn of 2017 – I … Continued

Walking around Le Releq

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Wendy Mewes’ books about Brittany are wide-ranging, fascinating, and, in the case of the walks, very good indeed. Walk no.5 in Walking & other activities in Finistère is a wonderful walk of 11 km along green lanes, through small hamlets, and over open moorlands … Continued

Walking at Camaret-sur-Mer

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Wendy Mewes’ Walk no.20 from Walking and other Activities in Finistère guided us on a wonderful walk on the Crozon Peninsula. The book is invaluable – do not go to Brittany without this book and its partner. The route is around the headland, … Continued

Walk from St Guenole, Brittany

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This magical walk started from the Chapel of St-Guenolé and we were guided, as on many other occasions, by the excellent and reliable Wendy Mewes. The route was quiet, through green lanes such as one might find in Suffolk, and down … Continued

Walking in Quimper

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We visited Quimper on two rainy days so the photographs are rather dull, but the weather didn’t dampen my delight in this historic town. Our guide on the first occasion was Wendy Mewes in her excellent new book of Walks in Finistère . We parked … Continued

A Walk around Locronan

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Wendy Mewes was our guide again with Walks in Finistère! Walk no.11 started at the Church of St Ronan in Locronan and wandered through woods and green lanes with wonderful views of the Bay of Duarnenez before returning to this picturesque … Continued

Walking from Cast, Finistere

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After a longish walk from Le Relecq we wanted a shorter outing, perhaps with some sightseeing. Wendy Mewes had the answer! Walk no.24 from just outside Cast was ‘…pleasant, relaxing…’ and delight-full. Country lanes, an old Chapel, a Menhir, a Roman … Continued

Walking at Pors Poulhan, Brittany

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Walk no.21 in Wendy Mewes’ Walks in Finistère is varied and interesting – she is a veritable ‘curator of walks’, creating routes with variety and interest.

Walking at Plobannalec

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We had installed ourselves in an excellent gîte in Pouldiguy, near Gouesn’nach and were ready to start exploring this area of Finistère. The excellent Wendy Mewes was ready to guide us on our first, modest walk in her latest book, Walks in Finistère. We … Continued