Walking around the Reservoir of Drennec

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The Drennec Reservoir was created by damming the Elorn and Mougau Rivers and created in 1981. It provides water to the north of Finistère as well as giving leisure opportunities to the local communities. Apparently the trout fishing in the … Continued

Walk at Treflevenez

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The name of the village, Tréflevénez, is derived from ‘tref’ meaning ‘place’ and ‘levenez’ meaning ‘joy’ and it is suggested that the origin of the village dates back to the Crusades.

Inside the Church of Notre-Dame at St Thegonnec

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The town of St Thégonnec in Finistère is dominated by the parish enclosure of Notre Dame, one of the most-visited of the parish enclosures in Brittany. The exterior is imposing and substantial, with all the components of a parish enclosure, … Continued

Notre Dame, Le Cloitre St Thegonnec

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The current Church of Notre Dame Le Cloître St Thégonnec is said to date from 1710 but I wonder if this is correct – parts of the building seem much older.  Like many of the Parish Enclosures the building was funded by … Continued

The Monts d’Arree & Cyclists!

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We were settled in a wonderful gîte in Sizun and ready for more exploring and walking in Northern Finistère. On Sunday morning we joined a friend for coffee in Huelgoat where we noticed new carparks and a lot of cyclists – it was … Continued

Notre Dame de Penhors, Brittany

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It was a beautiful day and we had enjoyed a wonderful walk around Pors Poulhan, but I was keen to see more of the coast and so we used the map to follow small roads further south.

Walking at Plobannalec

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We had installed ourselves in an excellent gîte in Pouldiguy, near Gouesn’nach and were ready to start exploring this area of Finistère. The excellent Wendy Mewes was ready to guide us on our first, modest walk in her latest book, Walks in Finistère. We … Continued

Walking from Botmeur in the Monts d’Arrees

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The sun shone this morning – we were promised a whole day of sunshine – and set off to walk on the moorlands of the Monts d’Arrées, a 7km Circuit de Roc’h Bichoureu guided by the excellent Wendy Mewes. We extended the walk to include Roch’h … Continued

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