Walking at Plobannalec

We had installed ourselves in an excellent gîte in Pouldiguy, near Gouesn’nach and were ready to start exploring this area of Finistère. The excellent Wendy Mewes was ready to guide us on our first, modest walk in her latest book, Walks in Finistère. We set off on Walk no.15, an easy and interesting circuit of 6 kms in the countryside with several Neolithic sites en route. 

Typical rural hamlet

The first dolmen, at Kerfuns, is quite neglected and broken but it is nevertheless a dolmen! And just down the road is the Dolmen de Kervignon; round the corner are the Dolmens de KervadolMore information on these sites is on The Megalithic Portal.

Dolmen de Kerfuns
Dolmen de Kerfuns
Dolmen de Kervignon
Dolmen de Kervignon
Dolmens de Kervadol
Dolmens de Kervadol

The countryside was lovely and I could have been in England!

Hamlet near Plobannalec

Countryside around Plobannalec

MealiesCountryside at Plobannalec

And then we came to the major site of Quélarn. These tombs, only found in this part of Brittany, have been dated to the Middle Neolithic period, anything between 9,000-3,000 BC…!

Information board at Quelarn

Information board at Quelarn


Quelarn Quelarn

A short wander through woods, in which we found the Dolmen of Tronval, and then we were back at the car. A lovely walk!Walk at PlobannalecThe Dolmen of Tronval

The woods of Tronval



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