New & Old in Leon

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I loved walking in the streets of the old city of Léon but I also wanted to see some of the contemporary architecture. Sadly the Museum of Contemporary Art was closed for renovation but we could at least enjoy the … Continued

The Path of the Megaliths, Erdeven

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The Path of the Megaliths is a very interesting route and walk no.1 in the ‘Randonnées dans Pays d’Auray’ published by the Auray/Quiberon Tourist Board. We parked at the Alignements de Kerzerho and followed a circuit of c.11 kms on … Continued

Auray on market day

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We walked into the Place de la Republique in Auray to find the market in full swing – there were stalls and people in the main square, the surrounding squares and streets, and in the covered market. People were selling food, … Continued

Etel, Brittany

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We had walked on the Pointe de Listoir and afterwards decided to follow the rivers to the sea so visited the small town of Etel on the river estuary.

Walking at the Pointe de Listoir

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The Tourist Board of Auray-Quiberon published a marvellous packet of walks explained on double-sided cards – map on one side and text on the other – ‘Randonnées an Pays d’Auray’, but one can no longer buy it. Why not? Fortunately … Continued

Churches in Nantes

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Nantes was a powerful and prosperous city in which religion was important, as is evidenced by the many substantial and beautiful churches in addition to the Cathedral. I wasn’t visiting the town in order to see the churches but it … Continued

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