Corners in Avila

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It is sometimes good to just wander, explore odd corners in Avila, or anywhere else, just see what is round the corner. And when you have finished the new ‘necessary’ tourist things wandering around is what gives quite excessive enjoyment! … Continued

Sos del Rey Catolico

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Sos del Rey Catolico is a small hilltop town on the borders of Aragon and Navarre which was actually very important. We came here from Soria and as the drive had been very tiring I was more than happy to … Continued

A Week in Burgos

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We arrived for a week in Burgos in a bit of state, so to speak. Like many people we had found the Covid years very difficult; uncertainty, fear, and restrictions on socialising all created tensions and anxieties. Then the medical … Continued

Evenings in Burgos

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Evenings in Burgos were unforgettable because of the view from our AirBnB. We looked out on the Cathedral and it was just magical. It felt rather unreal to sit peacefully and look out on to something so very beautiful. The … Continued

Museum of Human Evolution

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The Museum of Human Evolution is in a complex of three stunning buildings on the south side of the River Arlanzon in Burgos. Juan Navarro Baldeweg designed the buildings.

Setting off for Spain

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We are finally able to have a real holiday and so we are setting off for a delayed return to Spain. The Covid years were tough, with lots of health challenges, but we survived. I even managed to publish a … Continued

Dereham in Norfolk

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Dereham in Norfolk is an attractive market town. We passed through on our way up to Reepham and we returned on a market day. The market takes place in the middle of the town and has excellent fruit and vegetable … Continued

New & Old in Leon

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I loved walking in the streets of the old city of Léon but I also wanted to see some of the contemporary architecture. Sadly the Museum of Contemporary Art was closed for renovation but we could at least enjoy the … Continued