Plazas in Madrid

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There are plazas all over Madrid, squares between the densely packed buildings. They range from small to large, and quiet to throbbingly busy and they are all fascinating. Here I am just going to share two of those which we … Continued

A Walk along the Duero

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A walk along the Duero in Zamora, even a short walk, is a real pleasure! First thing in the morning I opened the curtains and looked out on the river which invited us to go for a walk.

Foxley Woods in Norfolk

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Foxley Woods in Norfolk is the last remaining site of Ancient Woodland in the County, which seems rather a sad statement for what feels like quite a remote part of the country. It offers pleasant and calm walking along rides, … Continued

A circular walk around Plouye

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We parked on the edge of Plouye and set off on a circular walk in by now ‘usual’ countryside – wide views, cattle, streams, and chemins creux. We had walked here before but followed a slightly different route this time. 

Walking around the Reservoir of Drennec

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The Drennec Reservoir was created by damming the Elorn and Mougau Rivers and created in 1981. It provides water to the north of Finistère as well as giving leisure opportunities to the local communities. Apparently the trout fishing in the … Continued

The Daoulas Peninsula – Pilgrim paths & Chapels

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It was Sunday and market day at Daoulas – an event not to be missed if you are in this area! I remembered the belly pork from previous years (unromantically called ‘lard’!) and of course we couldn’t go away without … Continued

La Feuillee & the Knights Templar in the Monts d’Arrees

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We had had a long and wonderful day in Quimper and needed to follow this the next day with an easy walk so turned to Wendy Mewes for advice. We chose walk no.2 from her Walks in Finistere’. If you are planning … Continued

Walk at Treflevenez

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The name of the village, Tréflevénez, is derived from ‘tref’ meaning ‘place’ and ‘levenez’ meaning ‘joy’ and it is suggested that the origin of the village dates back to the Crusades.

A circular walk at Le Cadou in the Armorique National Park

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Le Cadou is a small hamlet about 15 minutes outside Sizun and on an old Roman road from Brasparts to Sizun and beyond. We parked outside the church and enjoyed a circular walk from the village (the first part of which is … Continued

The Hidden Valley of LocEguiner

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We were now based in Sizun and looking forward to easy walks, sightseeing, and visiting the parish enclosures which are a particular feature of Finistère. There was also work ot be done but it felt enjoyable without any further responsibilities or … Continued

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