The Alignments of Little Menec, Carnac

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I was tiring of stones but decided we had to to see the Alignments of Little Menec because I had read it was ‘magical’, and that was indeed the case. Do not miss this site if you are in the … Continued

The Alignments of Kerlascan, Carnac

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After Menec and Kermario the next alignment is at Kerlascan: 555 stones, 13 rows, 2,600 feet long. It was difficult to photograph and I think only an aerial photograph would show the alignments. We also walked to the nearby Quadrilateral and saw the Giant of … Continued

Kermario, Carnac

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From Le Menec we moved to the next of the major alignments at Carnac, that of Kermario where there are 1,029 stones in 10 rows, and c.4,300 feet long.

Alignments of Menec at Carnac

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Our two weeks in Sizun were over – I could easily have stayed for longer – and we set off, in the mist, down the motorway for Carnac where we arrived in brilliant sunshine. The Tourist Office was very helpful and we settled … Continued

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