Pisoes Roman site near Beja, Alentejo, Portugal

The remains of a substantial Roman countryside villa were found by accident at Pisðes, a few miles west of Beja, in 1967. The villa apparently included over 40 rooms and was occupied between 1C-4C.

Pisoes Roman Villa
Pisoes Roman Villa

A nearby dam (the line – wall – at the top of the Google map) supplied the villa with water, held in a reservoir, which was heated in the hypocaust – no bathing in only cold water here!

The hypercaust system at Pisoes

The hypercaust system at Pisoes

A terrace with columns and mosaic flooring, and mosaics on the more important rooms in the villa are visible, but I wondered why they are not covered in some way to protect them from the weather, and people.

Mosaics at Pisoes

A swimming pool! This part of the Alentejo bakes in temperatures of up to 40C in the summer – just look at all that lovely cool water!

The swimming pool at Pisoes

The Alentejo around Beja

It is worth taking time to visit this site, as well as the Roman Villa at Cucufate.

Further information
The Villa at Pisões, which also has an aerial photograph of the site in 1971, as well as further photographs of the mosaics
Interesting blogsite about the Romans

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