The Walls of Zamora

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The walls of Zamora protect a very old fortified city which is situated on a promontory above the River Duero. Many of the walls are still in place, particularly on the north side of the old town and we set … Continued

The Roman Walls of Lugo

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The Roman walls of Lugo date from the 4C and have seventy one towers and ten gates, and are c.2kms in circumference. Lugo is the only city in the world where the Roman walls are complete. We had been travelling … Continued

A walk around Astorga

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We stopped for a few hours only, just enough time for a coffee and a walk around Astorga, on the road from Léon to Villafranca de Bierzo. Astorga, the old Asturica Augustea, was established as a Roman city and two … Continued

The Walls of Leon

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Léon was founded by the Roman legion Legio VI Victrix in 1C but the walls around the ‘historic centre’ of Léon date from both Roman and Mediaeval times. It was fun to walk around the city, looking for the walls of … Continued

The Castle in Vila Vicosa, Portugal

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Vila Viçosa started life as a small Roman settlement which then became part of the Visigoth Kingdom, and in the 8C the Moors gained control. The Order of Avis reconquered the area in 1217 and in the early 14C King Dinis I built … Continued

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