Inside the Church of Notre-Dame at St Thegonnec

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The town of St Thégonnec in Finistère is dominated by the parish enclosure of Notre Dame, one of the most-visited of the parish enclosures in Brittany. The exterior is imposing and substantial, with all the components of a parish enclosure, but once inside I personally do not find this a welcoming or comforting church, although it is certainly memorable!

The Church of Notre Dame in St Thegonnec

The Church of Notre Dame in St Thegonnec

There was a disastrous fire in the church in 1998 and restoration was only completed in 2005, but today there is no obvious sign of the damage. Statues and icons abound! St Thégonnec himself, of course, and his mentor, St Pol, Paul Aurelian, who originated in Wales.

St Thegonnec in the church of Notre Dame, St Thegonnec

St Pol in the Church of Notre Dame, St Thegonnec

Numerous other statues can be found such as the Tree of Jesse.

St Thegonnec, the Tree of Jesse

St Thegonnec

The organ dates from 1670-76 and was built by Jacques Mascard, a student of Thomas Dallam. Above all, after spending time in this church, I came away with an impression of ‘gold’ and opulence!

The organ, St Thegonnec

The interior of St Thegonnec

The interior of the Church of St Thegonnec

The Pulpit, the Church of St Thegonnec

If you are in Brittany and visiting the Parish Enclosures in Finistère you will undoubtedly find your way to Notre-Dame of St Thégonnec – do enjoy it!

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