Inside the Church of Notre-Dame at St Thegonnec

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The town of St Thégonnec in Finistère is dominated by the parish enclosure of Notre Dame, one of the most-visited of the parish enclosures in Brittany. The exterior is imposing and substantial, with all the components of a parish enclosure, … Continued

The Parish Enclosure of St Thegonnec in Brittany

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The Church of Notre-Dame in St Thégonnec, 14C-18C, is one of the ‘great’ parish enclosures, a huge and impressive complex which is perhaps not to everyone’s taste because of its size and opulence. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary components … Continued

St Thegonnec Church

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There was one more church to visit – Notre Dame at St Thégonnec. Maybe I was just tired – my first day out after nearly three days in bed – but somehow this church did not catch my imagination. It was very grand … Continued

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