St Michel de Brasparts

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We had seen this chapel while walking in the Monts d’Arrées and so visited St Michel de Brasparts, a 17C Chapel, one afternoon. It is suggested that this used to be a prehistoric cult site, perhaps dedicated to the Sun, or it … Continued

Walk from Mougau Bihan

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We parked in the car park next to the megalithic structure at Mougau Bihan and set off down the road – no guidance from Wendy Mewes this time – we just used the map.

A Walk from Le Relecq

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The day dawned grey and damp but I didn’t mind – I wanted to walk! So, guided by Wendy Mewes‘ excellent book and map in hand we set from Le Relecq on Walk no.5 of c.11 kms, and here.

A walk in the Monts d-Arrees

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It had been a long day – Lampaul-Guimiliau, Guimiliau, and St Thégonnec – my first day out of bed and drugged to the eyeballs – I needed some fresh air and a short walk on top of the Monts d’Arrées … Continued

Walking from Botmeur in the Monts d’Arrees

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The sun shone this morning – we were promised a whole day of sunshine – and set off to walk on the moorlands of the Monts d’Arrées, a 7km Circuit de Roc’h Bichoureu guided by the excellent Wendy Mewes. We extended the walk to include Roch’h … Continued

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