Tapestry Museum in Portalegre

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We set aside a day to visit the Tapestry Museum in Portalegre. It is a fascinating and unexpected museum in the far east of Portugal, and close to the Spanish border. Portalegre is only a half hour drive from Flor … Continued

Thames Tour – Southwark Bridge, Bradshaw’s HandBook, no.107

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The next bridge after London Bridge is the Cannon Street Railway Bridge which was designed by John Hawkshaw and John Wolfe-Barry for the South Eastern Railway and built 1863-66, slightly after Mr Bradshaw’s Guide.

Waterloo Station to London Bridge, Bradshaw’s HandBook, no.105

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I last lingered at Waterloo Station, noticing that it is raised above road level. ‘..Indeed,’ says Mr Bradshaw, ‘it hardly needs the occasional incursions of the river to remind the water-side inhabitants that this now dense and widely-spreading region was once … Continued

Travel in Portugal, Day 9, Belem & The Alfama

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This was our last day in Portugal and we only had time for a small taste of Lisbon.Henry the Navigator and his followers are celebrated on the Monument to the Discoveries built in 1958. On the ground in front of the Monument is … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, Lloyd Square (no.58)

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Lloyd Square was built between 1820-40, on a hillside which slopes steeply downhill to the Fleet River valley in King’s Cross Road (Bagnigge Wells Road). In Mediaeval times the land was two fields, Black Mary’s Field and Robin Hood’s Field, which … Continued

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