Tapestry Museum in Portalegre

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We set aside a day to visit the Tapestry Museum in Portalegre. It is a fascinating and unexpected museum in the far east of Portugal, and close to the Spanish border. Portalegre is only a half hour drive from Flor … Continued

Portalegre, Portugal

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Last year we enjoyed a fascinating day in Portalegre and I would certainly return. We started in the old town, at the Cathedral founded in 1556, and enjoyed walking through the streets, watching people, taking in the scents (there is … Continued

Jean Lurcat Exhibition in Graaff Reinet

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A Jean Lurçat exhibition in Graaff Reinet? Jean Lurçat (1892-1966) was a French artist almost solely responsible for the revival of tapestry weaving. I first came across his work when I attended an evening class in tapestry making in London … Continued

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