Enjoying the river and gardens in Villafranca

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We enjoyed a three-night stay in the Parador at Villafranca del Bierzo and it was a wonderful stop. The hotel is comfortable, quiet, friendly and with excellent food. I highly recommended staying here if you are travelling in the area. … Continued

Flowers in Swellendam

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Posts on South Africa have been delayed by gardening, a trip to Portugal (!), and Open Garden Squares, so now I am picking up where I left off, in Swellendam. And in the boiling hot weather in the UK I … Continued

Graaff Reinet flowers

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We had stayed in Graaff Reinet the previous year when I posted on some of the historic houses so this time we visited family, walked in the Camdebo National Park, visited an art exhibition (!), and found the most extraordinary cactus … Continued

The Alentejo around Flor da Rosa

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The Alentejo around Flor da Rosa is beautiful – rolling hills, abundant water, Roman bridges, prehistoric tombs, and endless flowers. I often went out for an hour in the evenings, with the camera.

Walking from Montalvao, PR7-NIS

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Montalvão is a small, remote, hilltop village (and castle) close to the border with Spain. We were there to try out another of the walks, the PR7-NIS, in the new book published by the Portuguese Tourist Office. The walk is across the hills … Continued

Walking from Chao da Velha, PR2 NIS

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This was our first walk using the new book of walks which we were given in the very helpful Tourist Office in Nisa. The book is not on the internet, and can’t be bought in a bookshop. Various town councils list … Continued

Stellenbosch Botanic Gardens

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Walking around the Stellenbosch Village Museum had been hot work and we needed refreshment! The Stellenbosch Botanic Gardens are popular at all times of the day.

Back streets in Swellendam

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In the evenings and early mornings I wandered through the back streets of Swellendam, camera in hand. I loved the quietness, the peace, and the beautiful trees and flowers.

Flowers & Trees in Graaff Reinet

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The streets in Graaff Reinet are lined with trees and the gardens are beautiful – a startling contrast to the surrounding austerity of the Karoo. A description of the town in 1889 says: ‘…By bringing into it the waters of a small … Continued

A walk in the Monts d-Arrees

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It had been a long day – Lampaul-Guimiliau, Guimiliau, and St Thégonnec – my first day out of bed and drugged to the eyeballs – I needed some fresh air and a short walk on top of the Monts d’Arrées … Continued

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