A last evening in Salamanca

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We coped with the AirBnB, had a fabulous stay in the town, and spent a last evening in Salamanca to enjoy the lights and share the evening ‘buzz’.

The two cathedrals in Salamanca at night
The two cathedrals at night

Salamanca at night

Building are lit up and people are happy to spend time walking round in the evenings, having a coffee, meeting friends, or even having a little brandy!

The Run Mayor runs from the Plaza Mayor to the Cathedrals on the Plaza Anaya and it is always packed with people, many obviously tourists. Shops stay open late too!

The Plaza Mayor is busy at all times of the day and night, but particularly popular at night. As it was our last evening the coffee was accompanied with a little brandy! Well, why not?

We enjoyed a last evening in Salamanca, and ended the evening on the Plaza Mayor like every other citizen in the town!

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