Palaces in Ciudad Rodrigo

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We had ambitious plans to explore in the countryside around the town, but my walking time was quite limited. Instead we explored the town, including some of the Palaces in Ciudad Rodrigo.

Palacio de los Aguila

The Palace of the Eagles dates from the 16th and 17th centuries and it is the largest palace in the city. It apparently has a garden and two courtyards but we could only see one of the courtyards. Today the building is a centre for research into Spanish and Portuguese studies.

Courtyard of the Palace del Aguila

Plaza de San Salvador

The Plaza San Salvador is a quiet and elegant square next to the Cathedral, and surrounded with grand buildings.

Plaza de San Salvador, looking towards the Cathedral

The Mansion of the Marquesa of Carlago dates from the end of 19th century but was only completed in the 1950s. Today the Bishopric of the town owns the building. An interesting history of the Marquesa and the house is on this post.

The Bishop’s Palace stands at the bottom of the square and lucky for us the door was open and we could see the inner courtyard.

Passing by

The Casa de las Cuatro Calles dates from 1700; the Casa de Conde de Alba de Yeltes dates from the 16th century and was used for various purposes until its present incarnation as bank in the 20th century; the Palacio de Montarco is now a luxury hotel; and the Casa del Marques de Cerralbo dates from the 16th century and stands on the Plaza Mayor. The family also built a Chapel in the town and together with the mansion this was the family’s residence until they moved to Madrid.

Cerralba Chapel

As always, exploring can be hard work. It was often a toss-up between the sweet things and something more savoury; on this occasion the beer won!

Beer and croquettes in Ciudad Rodrigo
Beer and croquettas

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