Back streets in Swellendam

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In the evenings and early mornings I wandered through the back streets of Swellendam, camera in hand. I loved the quietness, the peace, and the beautiful trees and flowers.



16-2-19 Swellendam LR-0619

16-2-19 Swellendam LR-0632

A quiet street in Swellendam

Roses in Swellendam

Wisteria 16-2-19 Swellendam LR-0635

16-2-19 Swellendam LR-0633


16-2-21 Swellendam LR-0850

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    • Candy Blackham

      It is a lovely town and the vegetation is very lush. It was often very quiet and the light at the end of the day was soft…

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