Stellenbosch Botanic Gardens

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Walking around the Stellenbosch Village Museum had been hot work and we needed refreshment! The Stellenbosch Botanic Gardens are popular at all times of the day.

The Botanic Gardens is a tranquil haven in the middle of the town.

16-2-23 Stellenbosch LR-1079

16-2-23 Stellenbosch LR-1068

16-2-23 Stellenbosch LR-1100

16-2-23 Stellenbosch LR-1183

16-2-23 Stellenbosch LR-1125

16-2-23 Stellenbosch LR-1239

This is just a little hint of the Gardens – I am going to indulge myself further as an Enthusiastic Gardener and I hope you will join me!

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