Graaff Reinet flowers

We had stayed in Graaff Reinet the previous year when I posted on some of the historic houses so this time we visited family, walked in the Camdebo National Park, visited an art exhibition (!), and found the most extraordinary cactus and succulent nursery. And it was in the nursery that I found my main camera lens was not working – I think it picked up dust in Karoo National Park and our various walks. You imagine how I felt! Anyway, there was nothing to be done and so for the rest of the trip I had to cope with a zoom lens (not very useful), and a point-&-press Canon Powershot SX240.

Anyway the first thing we did after a long day in the car, and suitable refreshment, was go for a walk. After the arid Karoo National Park the colour of the flowers was breathtaking – flamboyant trees (native to Madagascar), bouganvillea (native to Brazil), and amazing cactuses (various countries, including South Africa) – I was soon to find where these originated!

Flamboyant trees in Graaff Reinet Flamboyant trees in Graaff Reinet





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