The Marble Museum & Juromenha

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Before I take you to Beja in 2018 we are going to hop back to 2017 when we were based at Vila Viçosa and spent four wonderful days exploring the area. On this day rain was forecast so we planned … Continued

Walking at Ouguela on PR1 CMR

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I love exploring Portugal off the beaten track and I had often wondered what lay in the countryside beyond Campo Maior and close to the Spanish border. So, on a clear morning in May 2017 we set off from Vila Viçosa to … Continued

Walking over Roman Bridges on PR1 MFT at Monforte

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We parked the car near the Roman Bridge just outside Monforte and set off on walk PR1MFT, c.4.5kms, which took 1.5 hours and included two diversions and photo stops. We did this walk in 2017 but it never made it to … Continued

Megaliths & Romans around Flor de Rosa

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There are many megalithic sites around Flor de Rosa and if you are staying in the Pousada and enjoy exploring do search them out, and there are many more than I have so far found! Photographs here were taken over … Continued

The NIS PR3 walk at Velada

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This walk, NIS PR3, starts at the hydroelectric station at Velada on the River Nisa and you either download information or pick up a brochure or book of walks at the tourist office in Nisa. This was a lovely walk from 2017 … Continued

The PR7 PTG-CVD walk at Carreiras, eastern Portugal

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We have walked the PR7 PTG-CVD at Carreiras three times now and enjoyed each occasion. Every time it has been slightly different: the first year the arum lilies were gorgeous, but the weather was threatening; last year it was beautiful, … Continued

Sao Mamede Park, Alentejo, Portugal

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Last year we enjoyed a visit to Portalegre and afterwards drove back to the Pousada at Flor de Rosa via the scenic route – through the countryside behind Portalegre – the Sao Mamede Park. It was May and the yellow and … Continued

Portalegre, Portugal

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Last year we enjoyed a fascinating day in Portalegre and I would certainly return. We started in the old town, at the Cathedral founded in 1556, and enjoyed walking through the streets, watching people, taking in the scents (there is … Continued

Castelo Branco in eastern Portugal

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The weather forecast suggested a chilly day with showers and so we decided on a day in Castelo Branco. We had visited before, in 2013, and had enjoyed the gardens. Portugal is changing and from searches on the internet it … Continued

Alter do Chao in Portugal’s Alentejo

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We had visited Alter Pedroso and Seda on a very cold, wet, and windy day and needed a coffee, so we retreated gratefully into the first smoky bar we found in nearby Alter do Chão. This quiet town is adjacent to a Roman … Continued

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