A walk in Bethnal Green & Open Garden Squares Weekend

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Take a walk of 2.8 miles from Bethnal Green underground station and find taking in artistic creativity, personal endeavour, and food production during Open Garden Squares Weekend. Walk through Museum Gardens to Lubetkin’s modernist Cranbrook Estate and the Cranbook Estate Community Food Garden. Look out for Elizabeth … Continued

The Ravensbourne River no.4, Bromley South Station to Caesar’s Well

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Finally, the time to walk the last section of the Ravensbourne River! The BBC Weather promised a fine day and we set off from the bus stop outside Bromley South Station. I couldn’t find a map on the internet and we … Continued

Autumn along Ravensbourne & Pool Rivers

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This is London – six-ten miles from Trafalgar Square! You may be interested in The Waterlink Way Cycle Paths – in this walk the Waterlink Way combines with Route 21 in Sustrans

Southwark Park

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Southwark Park opened in 1869, designed by Alexander MacKenzie and covering 63 acres. Previous to this the land was in the Manor of Rotherhithe, owned by the Lord of the Manor, Sir William Gomm, and used for farming. I visited on … Continued

The Waterlink Way

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The Waterlink Way is an 8 mile (12 km) path between Sydenham and the Thames, and it can be walked or cycled. (Large scale map.) A walk along the Ravensbourne River is also the Waterlink Way until the middle of the River Pool Linear Park where the River Pool meets the … Continued

The Ravensbourne River no.3, Bellingham Station to Bromley South Station

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Southend Pond in front of Homebase (on the Bromley Road) is, I believe, a dam on the Ravensbourne River. From old photographs it seems it was bigger in the past – big enough for boating! The pond was originally the … Continued

The Ravensbourne River no.2, Lewisham to Lower Sydenham

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Lewisham is a major building site right now and the Ravensbourne River disappears under the new flats, road, cranes, bulldozers, and everything else. However, the Masterplan shows new landscaping which will encourage people to enjoy the Ravensbourne and become more aware … Continued

The Ravensbourne River from The Thames to Lewisham Station (no.1)

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The Ravensbourne is 17km long (11 miles), rising in Keston Ponds at Caesar’s Well, and debouching into the Thames in Deptford. I am walking the river using the DLR, buses and trains. 

New River Walk (No.6)

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Yesterday I continued with my New River Walk, starting near Palmers Green Station where I had stopped in July! It was a sunny autumn day and the walk to Enfield (including the Enfield Loop) was pleasant and easy but with the usual signpost puzzles.

New River Walk (No.5)

At the Hornsey Water Works the path turns right to go under the railway and then turns left into Western Road. A signpost at this point would have been helpful…. Walk along the left side of Wood Green Common, heading towards … Continued