A day in Castelo de Vide

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It was time to spend a day Castelo de Vide again. We had visited the town several times in the past but there was always something to enjoy, or learn. It was a gloomy, rainy day but when we reflected on the holiday afterwards we didn’t remember the rain – only the enjoyment. In the past we visited the town after walking at Carreiras – not this time.

Inquisition Museum

The Jewish quarter in the town is at the top of the hill, inside the castle walls. We had visited the synagogue in the past but a new Inquisition Museum has just opened. It is very realistic but I think it should carry a warning as I don’t think this is something young children should see. As adults we found it disturbing. Yes, one needs to know about these things, but the exhibition is very realistic, as are the accompanying sound effects.

The Castle of Castelo de Vide

The castle was built by King Dinis in 1310 and crowns the top of one of the two hills on which the town is built. This part of the town feels somewhat ghostly – it is odd, particularly on a misty and damp day.

In the old town on top of the hill

The old town is on a very steep hill – I would not like to live here! And it is somewhat dilapidated so there are no ‘pretty ‘ pictures here. Even so, people living here try to enhance their surroundings with flowers.

A day in Castelo de Vide walking around the old town
Cobbled street in the old town

A corner against the walls
The town fountain in the heart of the Jewish quarter in Castelo de Vide
The town fountain in the heart of the Jewish quarter

In the modern town centre

The Cathedral dates from 1873 and this was the first time we had been able to see inside the building.

The Cathedral of Castelo de Vide
Inside the Cathedral
In the square outside

Time to sit down!

I remembered the wonderful peonies from a previous visit and had to find them again. And then it was time to sit down and enjoy one of the almond pastries which were also very good on a previous visit!

Refreshments after a day in Castelo de Vide
Refreshments after a day in Castelo de Vide

A day in Castelo de Vide is never enough and there is is always more to find and enjoy in this Mediaeval town. I am sure I will return.

  1. restlessjo

    I loved this place. The castelo was under restoration when we were there but it was a beautiful, sunny day 😎

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