Travel in France – Gite in Cayre, Correze

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For the first week of Travel in France we hired a Gîte de France which was in an idyllic setting and very comfortable. It was excellent value for money, and the owner had even baked a gateau aux pommes! As we … Continued

Travel in France – Correze

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After the walk around Chauzeix there was plenty of time to explore our local town, Corrèze, a small fortified town established in 9C and named after the river just below the town. This was also a stop on one of the … Continued

Travel in France – Tulle

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Travel in France, Day 6, started in a leisurely way with coffee and bread in bed, and the end of The Skull Mantra by Eliot Pattison – riveting – and the first of several of his books for the holiday. It … Continued

Travel in France – a drive around Correze

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The morning walk had been quite modest, it was a beautiful day, and so we set off to explore the Plateau de Millevaches. I expected to see lots of cows – well, my French is pretty basic – but other translations suggest an empty area, … Continued

Travel in France – A short walk around Correze

I enjoy walking and there was a lot of walking planned for the next few weeks! Day 5 of ‘Travel in France’, Sunday, was an idyllic day, starting with good coffee and excellent croissant enjoyed in bed with a book until 11.00am. … Continued

Travel in France, Clermont-Ferrand to Correze

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On the road again! Day 4 in France was travelling from Clermont-Ferrand, through part of the Auvergne to see the church at Orcival, and then on to Corrèze. There was a last look at Clermont-Ferrand from the heights above the town, but … Continued

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